Icecast + Autodj + DjAccounts

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I use Icecast + ices-cc + DJ Account.

The mount point is /autodj by default , and when i connect with a dj account then still the mountpoint is /autodj.

How i can rename the /autodj to another name?

pls help
You can rename a mountpoint by doing the following:

Centova Panel > Settings > Mount points tab > select the mount point in question > settings tab > In the first box Mount point: /mountpointname

Rename the mount point, click update, stop / start the stream.
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The default mount point name should be /stream , which comes with two hidden mount points: /autodj and /live . The listeners should always tune in to /stream (and that's where all the widgets point to) and you should direct your live broadcasts to /live . This ensures a smooth transition between the autodj and the live broadcasts, as explained in more detail here:
Thx the answer. But this dont good for me. im attach a picture.