audio stops streaming

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centova 3 we installed at the first of the year.
i setup shoutcast v2 - but i *do not* think i've got it all right. SAM usually only works if set to v1 but the stats must be set per v2.

however, it was working and i was able to get autodj setup and configured to where people could log in, others could listen, and joy was abound.

over the last week or so it just stops playing audio. only (2) of us have access to the server and no, nothing has changed that we know of, but it just stops.

we've invested in our own VPS w/linux on it but never go out to the shell. we use winsx (i believe that's it) to upload music to the library and that's all we access folderwilse.

autodj has been flawless. for this feature alone it's been worth all the effort to setup everything "in house" as much as we can.

now - what is happening is again, one minute the 24x7 stream is playing and the next it quits. i *do not* know if it does it after a DJ drops off or not. i also do not know if someone else is connected but simply not playing anything. i don't believe anyone is connected but the other one managing this server hasn't told me or he checked, and no. no one was.

all we need to do is recycle centova and we're back in business. for a day or so.

are there log files that show when events can occur to cause this?
would rebooting the entire linux server help?
are there paid engagements or would support log into my server and validate my v2 configuration?

it would be #5 - i'll check when i get home tonight to see if i have this. but since again, setting up SAM to a v2 configuration never works as i *think* it should so this could be my root issue. given i'm learning as i go i'm obviously to a point where i'd tag in some help. :)
Hello iceberg,

Yes, there are logs that would help you track the events of the outages, you can access them by clicking on the "logs" link under the left menu on your station's dashboard.

Our included support doesn't cover login into client's servers and perform administrative tasks unfortunately, however, if you find it difficult to interpret your logs, you can send them to us and we'll be glad to help.