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Centova Cast v3.2.15r4271 is now available.

New Features:

  • Add support for Rocky Linux, Alma Linux, CentOS Stream


  • Update installer for quirks in CentOS Stream 8+
  • Update LEGO scripts with additional options
  • Update locales for build
  • Change log rotation to leave logfile.1 ungzipped
  • Update CA bundle
  • Update build scripts to create sha256 hashes for tarballs
  • Update build/deploy system for S3
  • Remove unnecessary files
  • Parallelize Let's Encrypt domain validation when validating multiple domains
  • Update build scripts
  • Update liquidsoap installer from trunk
  • Update Icecast installer for CentOS 8
  • Update prebuilt installer error messages
  • Don't truncate MySQL errors during upgrades; closes #280


  • Fix issue with ShoutCast v1 proxy links
  • Fixed problem detecting systemd unit path on Debian 11
  • Fix warning when working with invalid general rotation playlists
  • Fix missing cc-control include