SoundManager 2 javascript radio player support

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Could we consider adding an alternative to jplayer and muses? The two are a good start but it would be great to see something like the following added as well.

"SoundManager 2 makes it easier to play audio using JavaScript. SoundManager 2 provides simple, reliable cross-platform audio under a single JavaScript API.

HTML5 + flash hybrid

Complexity, reduced

Supporting HTML5 audio can be tedious in modern browsers, let alone legacy ones. With real-world visitors using browsers ranging from mobile Safari to IE 6 across a wide range of devices, there can be many support cases to consider.

SoundManager 2 gives you a single, powerful API that supports both new and old, using HTML5 audio where supported and optional Flash-based fallback where needed. Ideally when using SoundManager 2, audio "just works."

Desktop support: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Laptop/tablet support: Windows, Mac OS, Linux / Blackberry, Kindle + other HTML5/Flash devices
iPhone support: iOS 4.0 and newer
iPad support: Version 1.0 (iOS 3.2) and newer
Android OS supporting HTML5 and/or Flash (Version 2.3 or newer)"

Personally I find the Bar UI particularly interesting.

Thank you.

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