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I wish I could enter the panel through and my clients can pass through the hostname instead of the IP, so avoid that if I change server, my clients will not have to make any changes.
I add the host within the panel and also in SELFREF_OVERRIDE then restart the service and see that the changes were not applied, I still can not access the server through my hostname.
Of course I have correctly configured PTR reverse.

Any recommendation that can give me to get my Centova work for hostname instead of IP

Thanks for you reply, My Auto DJ...

as I stated in my post, this guide and use, but still does not work, and restart the service to take the changes, but still does not work. I modified SELFREF_OVERRIDE = for all to use the hostname of the server by default, but not working. Clarified that are online radios transmit IP and reverse DNS is properly configured. You think I should change something else.

Well you have to set the domain also so it points to your server, rather then use a single domain for each server, we use sub domains (ie,

If your using cPanel look for Simple Zone Editor and add them there. Name would be the entire sub domain ( and then IP address --    Make sure you fully read that article also.
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