migrating from old server to new server

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i followed everything here http://centova.com/en/faq/cast3/information/migrating_a_centova_cast_installation_to_another_server and
the only problem i had was when i had to setup the new page. When it ask me to setup everything i put the database that was imported and it said it already exist.
so i deleted the new database information from the newly created database and add the imported the old information into the new database
now i'm getting this result
Unable to access account for toproad: Cluster host connection failure for Local server: Connection refused (111)
how to fix?
This means you didn't follow the guide correctly, redoing step 11 should clear out that error message.
Basically, yeah.  Go back and try it again, and carefully do all the steps, step by step, without jumping or reading ahead on each one.

The instructions as written, if followed exactly, do work.

If you skip even one step or miss even one detail, you get what you just got. How do I know?

I had exactly the same problem, and had to go back and do it all over again from scratch.