any good software

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Is there any good software to use for live broadcast. I have winamp but I keep getting kicked off. So I am trying to find another one to use.

There's all kinds of good software, it just depends if you want "free" or if you want to spend some money.

You can always try RadioDJ (Which is free), and then there is Sam Broadcaster (Some like it, some don't).  If I remember correctly Sam Broadcaster still has a trial you can do to check it out.  But maybe shoot for RadioDJ first, and see how it goes for you.
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Hello BigJay,

Issues such as this are rarely related to the source software (in this case Winamp with the DSP plugin), instead they're usually due to a network issue or somebody has gained access to your station and is kicking you out.

You may want to change your password, and have your streaming provider analyze your station's logs to see if there is an actual problem or if it's just a network issue.
Thanks Roger,

     I never thought of that. I will check and see if it could be a network problem and change my password.