DJ Priority, Kick functions, DJ Statistics and a Info mail Functions to DJ's

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I use Centova Cast as a Kind of Dedicated DJ platform and I miss these sorts of ideas because, I have many DJ's on my Centova Cast channels and some times it can become a mess.

It would be nice to see how much one of the DJs Stream and the reception of the audiences in a monthly based statistic!
For example how many hours did one DJ Stream, how many listeners did they have on average, how many different songs they played on average etc.

Also it would be a very nice addition to Kick a DJ directly out of the Centova Cast panel rather than using Weblet.

It would also be very nice if I can see in the overview which DJ is streaming currently on that channel  rather than searching through the AutoDJ log. :D

DJ Priority for main DJ's in the DJ Settings is in my opinion a must have feature as well!

Also I use the News function in Centova for adding new articles like adding new DJ Rules and other important information, it would be very nice if there was a function to send the news within Email to each DJ and to each individual Station rather than it sending it globally across all station control panels.

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