Add autodj

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We installed centovacast-2.2.4 without autodj support, but have since realized we need it after all. 
Is there a way to add it after the fact, or do we need to reinstall?

I found which assists in the conversion from sc_trans to ices.  So it would seem that there could be a similar script to just add it.

I've downloaded/installed the rpm for ices-cc and am looking at the above script to see what changes in the centovacast config files - but I'd rather not break new ground if someone has done this before.

If you mean you installed CC itself without autoDJ support then you can just install ices-cc, enable it under Source software, and you'll be all set to create new accounts with autoDJ support.

If you mean you created accounts in Centova Cast with their autoDJ set to "none", then you would need to re-create those accounts in order to add autoDJ capabilities to them.
It was the former.  Thanks, that was the hint I needed.  I was making it much harder than it was.