Song Request Form

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Sorry for my english (google translator).
I would like to see an API to create our own forms of song requests.
Maybe even an API to list all the music available on our account.
The goal is to enhance the music ordering system for AutoDJ.
There are some issues that we can solve via PHP before the Listener send the song request. This API would leave us free to this improvement.
For example, a listener can ask endless takes of the same song. However, we could triage to see if this song has been requested before we allow the application to effectively Centova.
API to list the songs is that we could already view what music the listener can ask us, without having to hit the spelling or risk until it finds an available music.
Anyway, this is one example among many where we could improve this system, which I find very fun and interesting. Frankly I think are more "attuned" to the future of webradios. Since nowadays people want to participate all the time.