Custom Icecast Binary

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I am custom developing a new version of Icecast in house that I hope to eventually replace the pool of running Icecast instances that is running on my server.

My question is, would it be possible to set different accounts in my Centova panel to use different binaries of the Icecast software? For example, I have about 250 running Icecast servers, I want to switch 10 of these over to my version of Icecast, let's call it IcecastNEW.

I'm aware that you can change the bin paths for Icecast, but I would expect this to be a global variable, and not account specific.

Alternatively, I've thought would it be possible to add a new server software type in Host Manager? That would duplicate the IceCast v2, but will allow me to create a new server based on my IcecastNEW binary?

Contacting support, there is a "hack" to get around this, and that would be to replace the global bin path to my new Icecast, and restart 10 servers, then change the bin path to the original binary.

Essentially, I just want to test my IcecastNEW server on selected accounts, but still have centova reporting functionality, without affecting currently running old Icecast servers

Thanks in advance

Product name:
Centova Cast v3

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Operating system:
CentOS 6