Audio processor stereo tool for AGC, multiband, Stereo enhancemen

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We use your Auto dj system with full confidence and satisfaction.
I think with an extra feature for your product like a audio processor would take a new step.

I meet the company/owner Hans van Zutphen of Stereo Tool. We use his audio processor for other radio automation projects before the encoder/stream.

I talk to him he have already audio proccesing for Linux systems. And there is media project that use Stereo Tool for more than 100 streams. 
He told me the have a special plugin-type to try it.
I know the server need more CPU, but this is option to sell.
We think the use liquid soap (for better crossfading) not sctrans2 and use Stereo Tool. The not need any other radio automation program!
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yes some type of processor would be nice, the mp3gain option doesn't work the greatest also.
I need some help here:

The support say:
I don't see any reason why you can't already use this with Centova Cast + Liquidsoap if you want to. Liquidsoap already supports external decoders -- see:
Simply use the commandline version of your Stereo Tool utility with the commandline examples at the bottom of this page:
Custom Liquidsoap scripting can be added to your Centova Cast stations by editing etc/liquidsoap/custom.liq in each host's directory under /usr/local/centovacast/var/vhosts, or by editing /usr/local/centovacast/system/sources/liquidsoap/skel/etc/liquidsoap/custom.liq to set the default script that's provisioned with each new station.

I hope someone can help us!
centovacast need this processor stereo tool, like whmsonic