Scheduling palylist for different days at different hours.

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In a playlist we can program or schedule a program or show for a concrete day and time, we can schedule a playlist for everyday of a week to be play at the same hour of different days. But we cannot schedule it for different days at different hours.

This new feature would be helpful.
yes this new feature would be helpful.

A very good feature wood be a playlist with the possibility to skedule for on hour. So it is possible to plan a news bulliton for example.

The question is crucial for us. We have 30 hosts and when they are done with their broadcasts we used to be able to guarantee them 6 replays a week at different scheduled times so they could broaden their international reach.

At L365 you could put a show in a playlist and tell that play list what days and times to play.  When the following week arrives and you have a new show, you just put the new show in the playlist and it plays in all the scheduled slots.

Here, I have to make a different playlist for each showtime and each week replace each individual show. Now multiply that by 30 different shows. 

So Yes, This is the most important feature request for us right now. thank you.
+1 for this feature