AWS EC2 centOS_7

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hello ,
i got my centOS7 eEC2 instance,
i did update, mariaDB, wget , firewalld, apachi, php, centova, shoutcast2...
on firewall i open those ports :
firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=2199/tcp
firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=2197/tcp
firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=21/tcp
firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=80/tcp
firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=8000-10000/tcp
# reload firewall
firewall-cmd --reload

when i try to access the address i got at the installation ip:2199  nothing happening... (This webpage is not available

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i try a lot and did many changes, is someone else set like me and have an answer ?
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Due to private IP:2199 you didn't get I am suffering with same  :(
 If your issues has been solved, Please support me :)

appreciate your support
Many Thanks//:
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