Superuser But Cannot Access API?

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I am trying to tie in an organization that I do development work's software into their Centovacast server. Really, I'm just trying to do some basic API calls to get current listeners and server status (e.g. "server.getlisteners" and "server.getstatus"). I have an "administrator" staff account with superuser privileges, and specific API access turned on, on their Centovacast server. Yet, whenever I try to do a JSON API call, I get the following error:

{"type":"error","response":{"message":"Unable to access account for admin: Cannot operate on administrator account"}}

Notice that this is not the invalid username or password" error, but something else. I would love to at least have an idea of what I need to ask the guy who manages the server to do for my account so that I can develop this tie-in.

Any ideas?
That error means you're passing 'admin' as the username for which to fetch the listener list. Admin is not a stream account and thus it has no listeners. Consult the API manual for more information.