Scheduled Playlist without weekly changes

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Is there a way in Centova to create a playlist that plays each week, pulling the 'next' show from the playlist? To explain, I'm running an Old Time Radio Station. I'd like to put in 52 episodes of a single show into a playlist. Each week, it would play the next show.
The idea of having to delete/add new shows into 40 playliists per week (on just this one station) would require too much time.
If each episode should play in the appropriate order (not randomly) I can see only 2 ways to do it.

1. You can create 52 scheduled playlists. For each playlist choose proper date, time and setup repeat as never (one time only). In media add for each playlist proper episode.

2. Create one scheduled playlist, setup repeat as weekly and remember to change every week episode in media - delete old and add new one for next week. - Create Your Own Radio Station - Android and iPhone apps for your Radio