iPanel and Centova integration

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I had centova and iPanel working correctly until recently where my packages are coming up with an error.  We were discussing this issue via a trouble ticket, but thought it would be best to approach it in here to help build the forums.  I have tried to copy over the iHost module to the back end of iPanel and have had zero luck.  When I try to create a new package in iPanel it keeps giving me the error that appears that the name of the template is incorrect.  I really need to get this working as this is a major set back for business.
The error message that comes up is "The value specified for the Account template field is not valid."  Then "Account template name:" is red.  I am simply doing a copy and paste from the template in centova, so I know there are no typos nor case sensitive issues.
Hmm, interesting... it's requiring you to enter the template name in all lowercase, which'd be a bug. :)  You can either download a fixed module from here or just enter your template name in all lowercase.   Thanks for the bug report.
I opted to download that module, untar it and overwrite the centovacast folder in the backend and nothing happened.  I did try the lower case version and that appears to work.  Can you possibly send me the fix again for the module?