Bad quaity Album Art

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I have tried the help desk pass or username not working, I have tried your phone number, no luck either

I am not really getting anywhere with the forum pertaining a particular issue that I have been with no clear resolution now for close to 2 years. I thought one of you guys would be so kind to give me a yes or no verdict on this issue of crisp album cover art. so as to work with it further or give up the ghost.

As I was told and understand the situation, Centova optimizes the cover art images into thumbnails in media folders. Right now we have id3 in tracks and album images in folder, everything shows up but like I said thumbnail size and the slightest enlargement would cause blurred image and it does not look professional for the reason stated previously. As per this issue I noticed that in media> right click on the album cover image >edit album details and put that same image url of a better quality, so my question is would that be a better source of larger than thumbnail and better quality. Would that be considered an alternative in pulling art other than the thumbnails that reside in folders that I mentioned earlier. Would the id3s be in conflict with the image url? All we want is a clear and  crisp album cover art when we put it larger in radio stations' website (s).  Any feedback, insight, or share how to would be so greatly appreciated.
Have such problem as yours. Album Arts have terrible quality