Intro File

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So my stream settings are as follows:

320Kbps Stereo 44.1K

and my intro file is 320Kbps 44.1K stereo

yet it refuses to play.

Any ideas?
If you are using an older version of SHOUTcast and a FLASH player, the Intro file doesn't work.

Without knowing what version you are using, it's hard to diagnose the issue.

I'm using shoutcast V2, with an html5 player

It won't help you to fix the problem but I'd give the same advice as we give to all our customers: do not use intro files. They still do not work well in Shoutcast. - stream hosting - radio automation software
I'd disagree with that statement if using a recent 2.4x DNAS and there's some extra changes in the coming 2.x DNAS release which should resolve it not working in the remaining cases (which is primarily due to the players not being tolerant to how intro files have to work).

without a working link to the DNAS to check (and know what version is actually being used), all I can suggest is looking in the DNAS's log for any indication of errors or intro files being skipped due to mis-match of details, etc.
I also need help with the intro file...i'm using audio record wizard which doesn't support the 240000 Hz sample rate needed. help is is appreciated. That is with 64 K
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