Listener through proxy!

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Hi all!

I've been running a net radio since January, it's been hard work to get it to run smoothly and ever since january i've had this f****r from Germany, I s'ppose he's from there, screwing up my stats!!! Logs in from 2 through 8 ip addresses, for 5 mins tops at a time!

please refer to attached pic for example!

Any idea how to prevent this a$$hole from screwing up my stats all the bloody time?!?!

I've reached a point where i want to start making this a business, but this dude prevents me from having clean stats!

Let me know

All the best

insouL radio
ShoutCast has an IP ban option.  Click "Server administration" in Centova Cast, hit "Admin login" and enter username "admin" and your password for the stream, then click "ban list" and you can enter the IPs to ban.
Thanks for your answer dude!

Ok, so making sure I ban the addresses this guy logs on is the only way...
Doesn't this guy have an infinite (just a guess) amount of IP addresses he can log on from?
And, by banning the ip's that appear on my server, won't that maybe, possibly, affect a regular user, with that ip address from logging on to the stream?

Sorry for questions, have no idea how proxy works...

Many thanks

insouL radio