2 working streams in mp3 and aac will not works on mij sam broadcast.

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Hello readers.

I got me a streaming radio provider of 192 kbs and 100 listeners.
Now I can divide into 2 pieces the stream centovacast v3.2.1 to:

128 kbs (mp3)
64 kbs (AAC)

but in centovacast mointing points is the name: / stream and / stream2
sam broadcaster in my program but I get only one stream working.

both work with each separately, but not same time.

How can I let them both simultaneously work ???

dj eric
In SamBroadcaster /stream is represented by SID 0 , /stream2 is SID 1, etc.
You can find "SID" in SAM Broadcaster right where you fill in the IP, port, stream password, etc.

Just to be clear, you need to create two encoders in SamB. One for SID 0 at 128kbps MP3 and one for SID 1 at 62kbps AAC