auto dj problem to start on playlist

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sorry for my bad english, but I use a translator.

I use cetovacast v3.2.1

I want to know how is it that a scheduled playlist is no longer working and a general playlist works for me dj car?

The car dj start 1 track of scheduled playlist, and will then immediately ofline.
The music is neatly in a scheduled playlist in the media folder

The overall playlist does work well. If I put music in there, the auto dj perfect.

also restarting the server does not go well.
If I move, I can not start the server, the music in a scheduled playlist. (music missing from the playlist folder) gives it to.
when I put on music playlist general I can start the server without problems.

How do I resolve your problem ???
While I didn't really understand the problem, I could certainly take a look if you open a ticket about this issue and provide us with access to this station.