reindex issue via SSH

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Im getting this every time a reindex is run via SSH:

[root@server1 var]# /usr/local/centovacast/bin/ccmanage reindex ***********

Enter password for ***********: [PASSWORD]

Result: ERROR Unable to access account for **********: Access denied

Any ideas why?

You need to enter the name of the station from Centovacast.

For example, my stations are s8000, s8002, s8004, etc.

They are listed under USERNAME ... pick one and then the password when requested.  So for my example, it would be:
/usr/local/centovacast/bin/ccmanage reindex s8002
The stars above were there to omit the station name. I AM using the stream name in the actual ssh command
I think you might be using your 'admin' password, where you should actually use the station's password