Autodj Vs Live dj

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Hi i am currently evaluating the latest version with Shoutcast + liquidsoap and i wonder if someone could point me in the right direction.
 What i want to achieve is that the autodj automatically switches off when one of my live Djs streams his show using Butt to the server and then autodj automatically switching back on when he disconnects.
 Can this be done ? i have kind of confused myself as im very new to this and suffering from information overload.
 Thanks in advance
Yes, it is possible.

Log into the station's account and create a DJ account. You're going to need it for this purpose. Restart the station after creating the DJ account, so that the new account becomes active.

After that click on Quick Links (while you're still loged in the station's account) and configure Butt by following the instructions under "Live Source Connections", more precisely the part that's under "When the autoDJ is running"
Thank you so much AlexiuB  :) thats got that sorted

 Could you please tell me if theres a way to immediately stop the autodj when the Dj connects , currently when the Dj connects the autodj plays out the song and the start of the Djs set is missed.