Are we able to pull DJ Name information for External Use?

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Hello all,

Just a question question that Im sure someone will have a very simple answer to for me...

When we are building external stream players, are we able to pull the name of the Current DJ who may be logged in live?

For example:

We can pull Stream Title, # of listeners, current song, etc...

But is there any way to grab the DJs Name if it is someone logged into a V2 Auto DJ stream?   This way listeners can know if they are listening to an Auto DJ, or if they are listening to a live DJ, and which one.  I see when you set up DJ accounts, they ask for a user name, and a real name - so there must be a reason for the two fields.

Any information would be greatly appreociated!  (And of course if you have other great suggestions for external players, they are always welcome too!)