Files and Media pages load very slow when CSF is active

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Can someone tell me what ports need to be open or anything else that needs to be allowed through CSF as whenever the CSF is enabled I can wait up to 2-3 minutes for the files or media pages to load.

It finally DOES, but its deathly slow.

I have opened the centova control panel ports both in and out as well as the stream ports and +1 both in and out too.


The recommended ports to enable access for Centova Cast through your firewall are:

80 - Web proxy (if you are using it)
21 - Default FTP server
2121 - Alternative FTP server (if you are not using the default FTP port mentioned above)
2197 - Centova Cast SSL
2198 - Control port for remote cluster servers
2199 - Default Web Interface
8000 to 10000 - Default pool for streams

Other than that I'm afraid I don't have more insight to share on CSF usage.