Connection Issue

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Dont think last message went through, we have 2 admins to run the site and one has fiddles and set suspend account, we now can not access the server as when we put details in it goes straight to suspended account message, and before someones mentions it no it is not for non-payments.

Anyone know how to get past this hassle.

Darg :o
does centova staff look here at all these days, :(
 :(  :(
If you are the administrator of your Centova Cast control panel (i.e. not just the administrator of a single station in a Centova Cast panel) you can re-activate your station using your 'admin' account

But it sounds more like you are renting this service from a hosting provider, in which case you should contact them about your suspension. You've probably exceeded some limits, such as your monthly bandwidth limit or some-such.