Peak Period Stats - WTF?

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Our customers have started beating us about Peak Period numbers in their stats. One station which cannot possibly have this number of listeners (their max is 100) is reporting over 6000 concurrent listeners. Simultaneously all other stations are reporting wildly inaccurate peak period figures, all of which are showing as on 26th Dec 2014 at the same time.

We have tried to unpick the source of this data in the DB via MySql Logging & failed. Please assist with the following:

1: From where & how is this data derived? (Query would be idea)
2: If these figures are broken how can we fix them
3: If we want to find out max concurrent listeners for any given period, how would we handle that in a query
4: How can these figures be so totally wrong?

This is a service affecting issue now. Assistance is required.
We've had customers ask us the same too. There used to be a KB article but I can't find it..

But basically its the total number of connections per hour, rather than unique connections per hour.

Also, its worth noting the LOGPROCESS_MIN_DURATION option that is available, you can use this to set centova to ignore listener sessions less than x seconds, say 5 seconds, as some media players may connect more than once when the listener connects, therefore skewing your stats.

Hopefully one of the centova staff will answer you more specific questions!
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We actually had this question come up today.  They keep their stats tracked manually as well as checking on Centova Cast, and with centova cast, its stating that they have had 12,000 listeners around the clock, which is this quite obviously not true.

Is there maybe a small bug or something with the stats that could be causing this problem ?
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