auto dj bit rate?

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started my online radio about a month ago. im still learning. I have all my mp3s at 128 kbps. and I got the plan to stream at 128 kbps. I currently only run on auto dj and probably will for some time. my question is does auto dj only transmit at 96 kbps? if so I mind as well change my plan down to 96 kbps. and since all my mp3s are currently at 128 kbps if I change my pland down to 96 kbps do I have to convert all my mp3s again? or am I ok since I only run on auto dj and it only transmits at 96 kbps? any help would be appreciated. thanks
Autodj can re-encode your files on the fly, as long as you set the re-encode option to yes, meaning you don't need to re-encode your mp3s manually.

On the same note autodj can be set to stream at 96 or 128k, as well as higher and lower settings. So if you lower your autodj bitrate, you may be able to lower your package with your provider.
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