Suggestion automatic port

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Centovacast should have automatic port like WHMSonic , is easier to use the Auto DJ with automatic port.
when you enter the control panel and turn on the Auto WHMSonic, automatically th AUTO DJ gets you out if you are broadcasting live, but cast Centova not have ,to put here first STOP the encoding and then turn on the Auto dj ... but ... and if someone else is broadcasting live and do not want to quit? would be easier not to put the Auto DJ at that time? or when it is night and the last DJ did not want to go? would be easier to simply go to the panel and turn on the AUTO DJ and automatically would get to whoever is inside. do not understand why Centova cast having "such technology" but not have an option so simple like automatic port...

I hope to implement it (automatic port). in the next version ...
This is not a WHMsonic feature.  It is a feature of sc_trans v2.0.

Centova Cast's current support for sc_trans v2 is experimental only (as sc_trans v2 is still a beta product) but if you install sc_trans v2.0 this feature will be available to you just like in any other product that uses sc_trans v2.