Album Covers and Song Info

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I am pretty new at this. I think I got everything right. I was able to get my station on tunein and the songs play fine. my problem is when i upload a song at first the albums name reads as something like --/--/-- . I then edited it to the correct name and it does change when in the media library. and the album cover shows when in the media library. but when i start the auto dj and go to "listen to your radio" under "webplayer" on the centova cast my player does not show the album cover and reads "various artist" and the song info as "--/--/--" and the songs name. is this normal? will the correct info be sent to my music license provider? or have i done something wrong or missed one part? any help will be appreciated. and since im just starting i only turn on my radio when testing it. its always off for now until i get everything right.
for anyone having my problem, i think i figured it out. when editing the properties of the song, under details, it appears i have to put the album artist name under "contributing artists". i thought it was only for a guest artist such at featuring __ .