Auto DJ

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We have a few questions from a client which are slightly beyond us regarding the Centova autoDJ possibility functionality on the following.  If any devs could shed any light that would be fantastic:

I have 3 playlist jingles, commercials, and programs. All 3 programs are set with all enabled, all in general rotation, all to play back in sequential in order and all set at the same playback weight 1. I would like for the Auto DJ to Play a jingle, then commercial, then program and repeat each list as they play through. What I get is random play maybe 3 or 4 jingles back to back then two commercials then 3 or 4 commercials, Then the next time one jingle 5 commercials and 2 programs I can't see any pattern to the play back.
What I really like is for it to play jingle, 3 commercials and 1 program and repeat through each list. But I would settle for jingle, commercial and program one each and repeat through each list. Even when each playlist has a different number of files each just play all files in that playlist and repeat it even though the other playlist is only half way through. If you could tell me if and how I can make it work the way I would like please let me know. 

Thanks again for all your help.