Problem with metadata

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Hi, I'm new at this.
I installed v3 and Shoutcast Centova Cast DNAS2. I configured Centova Cast to get   the Artboard from iTunes or files metadata.

When I stream only see the name of the station and the link. Do not see the Artist name, Song title or Album image, much less the itunes link to purchase when I stream using  Centova Cast Auto DJ

But when you stream directly from my Mac with Nicecast and Shoutcast at least I get the names of songs and artists.

I need help

I tried using stream link on tunein radio and it doesn't work, I see others station using Centova and shoutcast  and it work for them
I think there is issue a with newest shoutcast DNAS 2.2.2

Switch back to 2.2.1 and everything should be fine.
and there is a simple 'fix' for that version of the DNAS to get things working until a new DNAS is released this month which makes things more automatic based on what the client requests instead of hard-defaults which aren't applicable for how streams are now accessed compared to a decade ago.
thanks i will do that
@DrO what is that 'simple fix' ?
following point #3 from (posted my response before including that link for some unknown reason to myself at the time) which i've also posted to the other threads on here where such an issue is being reported.

I't works, I only have one quick question.
The iTunes artwork retrieving function only work for Centova Web Widget? or it also display on streaming links.
To be more specific.

I tested two songs, one with Album cover inside Album Artwork inside metadata and other without Album Artwork.

The result was on Centova Widget I see the Album Artwork updated by itunes for the two tracks, and when I see the same two tracks listening via Tune In Radio i see the Album Artwork that was already inserted on the metadata not the update (same) as the Widget.

Any Info about it??