Live Stream Archiving

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Does this software support archiving of daily streams?

If not, how can I setup something like this?
ShoutCast DNAS does have an option to record the stream to a file, but it's too rigid to be useful for most users -- as I understand it, it just starts writing to the file when you start the server, and there is no way to rotate it to multiple files for different days or anything like that.

The easiest and most reliable solution we know of is to use wget from a cron job such as:

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wget -O /home/foo/archive-`date +%Y-m-d`.mp3 -q http://ipaddress:port

The reason this works is because the ShoutCast protocol is very similar to HTTP, so wget just thinks it's downloading a really big, really long MP3 file.  Just kill the process and restart it each time you want to start a new file (i.e., at midnight or whatever).


Thanks for your reply

I'll attempt to make a script which logs audio from a certain time to another and on certain days only.

It would be great though if this could be set via the web interface as well as have options to set bitrate and maybe even have a client interface to access these logs (im a big dreamer :-) )

Thanks anyway

PS... Streamripper also rips MP3s... which of the two is better to use (streamripper or wget)
I don't know if Streamripper can archive an entire broadcast. I know the default behavior is to try to split it up into multiple tracks every time the metadata changes.... if you can set it to archive to a single file (or if you don't mind having multiple files) then yes, Streamripper is probably a better choice.