Autostart sc_serv on startup

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I'm new in the forum.   :D

I've been using centovacast for a few months now and I have a question: how can I setup centova to autostart all the sc_serv servers on system startup? Centovacast server automatically starts on system startup, but not the sc_serv, so I have to do it manually via the web UI.

This is because if something goes wrong and there's a kernel panic (for example) in the Linux Server and it reboots, I would like to ensure that there's only a small cut in the streaming service and runs automatically, and not having to do it manually and taking care of it.

Thank you!  :)
Normally Centova start itself (Cron job) at server reboot. The only thing is to check if MySQL starting also on a reboot.
Centova does restart all the servers on server restart - not immediately, it could take some 5-15 minutes. - stream hosting - radio automation software
Centova Cast's cron job runs every 5 minutes and will check for any stations that were supposed to be on but are not and will bring them back up.