Help desperately needed - technical issue!

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We've been stumbling around trying to find a solution and can't so we are asking to see if we are missing something obvious.  We broadcast using OTS software, shoutcast output to Centova server - both mp3 and aac streams.

We broadcast songs (obviously) along with jingles, promos, trailers etc., and we are trying to find some method of NOT transmitting the file data for non-song audio.

We want our recently played tracks to show just recently played tracks, not our news jingle and advert file details.  Is there any method if doing this? Any ideas PLEASE email me as we are about to explode with frustration at not being able to resolve this!

Hello trentsound,

The only way I can think of to approach this would be to write a custom recent tracks widget that filters out whatever you don't want on the recent tracks list.

If course, the jingles will still be listed by the DNAS page and your statistics, but you can't really do anything about that.

There's another solution: streaming software may have an option not to send track titles for special file types (like jingles). - stream hosting - radio automation software
We're already planning a feature along these lines, however the only way I could see it working is by making it an autoDJ-only feature and allowing the client to mark certain playlists as "do not show metadata".

If you're broadcasting live or via a relay, Centova Cast has no real way of identifying which metadata coresponds to a jingle/ad and which corresponds to a song.  heisenberg's suggestion is probably the cleanest one, but failing that, all we could really do is give the admin the option to filter certain metadata strings based on a pattern -- eg: if the metadata contains the word "advertisement" or "jingle" it could suppress it.

We could only apply such filtering to the song information displayed in the Centova Cast widgets, though -- your SHOUTcast/IceCast server itself WOULD continue to display the jingle/ad metadata, simply because your live source/relay connects directly to the SHOUTcast/IceCast server, so Centova Cast has no way to intercept and filter the metadata.  If you need to block that as well, then you'd need to investigate heisenberg's suggestion.