Auto switch between 2 live sources?

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Trying to figure out if the following is possible with a ShoutCast/IceCast server, using some combination of mount points and fall back mounts, Auto DJ, etc.

Would like to have a primary live stream running most of the time, playing music.  From time to time, we would like to interrupt the this stream  with *another live* stream from a different location, which would normally be an interview.

When the interview is finished, the secondary stream would be terminated, and we would want the primary stream to pick back up automatically.


1.  Primary stream is playing, Centova Cast senses the other live stream has come online and switches to it.

2.  Secondary live stream finishes and disconnects, and Centova Cast switches back to the primary stream.

Yes...I want to automatically switch between two live sources.

Can this be done?
Im guessing that you want to be able to switch from "Auto DJ" to "LIVE DJ"  (But auto DJ continuing to play when LIVE DJ takes over).

Shoutcast v2 or IceCast v2 Can do this. 

The AUTO DJ isnt really "LIVE" as it is just music and no Live person.   This is what Shoutcast V2 and/Or Icecast v2 is capable of doing.  Shoutcast v1 requires an extra step to be taken to where you have to log in and stop or "kick" Auto DJ.

Where as Shoutcast v2 (or Icecast v2) will fade out auto DJ into the LIVE Source, and once completed, will fade back it Auto DJ...

I am assuming that is what you are referring to?
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Thanks for the reply...but what I'm actually trying to do is to have the system automatically switch between two live streams.  I was hope to be able to do this with fall back mount points.

I'd like to be broadcasting a live music stream most of the time...let's say to a mountpoint named /music.  (This would be an encoded stream sent over from another location...not using AutoDJ.)

Then, on occasion, I would like to connect to another mountpoint, named /event.  When the system senses the /event source has connected, it would switch to it.  When the source detaches from /event, the system would switch back to broadcasting the /music source.

Possible?  I would especially like to be able to do this with ShoutCast.

Thanks for your input!
With Shoutcast v2, you are able to setup multiple mount points.   I am going to assume, that yes, it is possible for what you want to do there.  (Don't quote me on it), But im pretty sure you can.  Shoutcast v1.9 you can not, as you can not create other mount points.  But with Shoutcast V2.x you can.
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I've never heard of Shoutcast v2 having a fallback mount feature, so I think your scenario is only achievable by using Icecast

The setup should look like:
1) Create the main mount point, the one which your listeners will use to tune in (nobody will be directly broadcasting to this one). E.g. /stream
2) Create the two mount points for your DJs. E.g. /live (this is the mount point that will have the biggest priority and when someone broadcasts here you listeners will always hear it)  /live2

3) This is the more complicated part: you will have to edit Icecast configuration file directly (there's no way to do this otherwise, from the Centova Cast controls) and here setup the fallback mount point for /stream to be /live and the fallback for /live to be /live1
actually i think what is being asked can be done with the v2.2.x DNAS (of sorts).

currently, as long as you've had a 'live' source connect, if a backup url has been specified (via streambackupurl) then that will be switched too and it has the bonus that it can be specified as another stream on the same DNAS (which could be set as private and restricted to only localhost connections if wanted to keep it for sole use by the DNAS).

when the 'live' source re-connects then it will switch the stream content from the backupurl to the 'live' source. and vice versa when the 'live' source disconnects.

obviously the issue with that method is it won't do what seems to be wanted until a 'live' source has been connected. the tweak to the DNAS behaviour could then be something like the ideas following:
1) setup a normal relay connection on the same DNAS (like mentioned for the streambackupurl option) and then allow a direct source to override it (currently it'll block any new source if one is already active)
2) have the DNAS wait a few seconds and then auto-start the streambackupurl if a direct source has not connected (which then allows all of what i mentioned above to work)

though it sounds like a decent auto-dj to handle the two 'live' streams would be the cleaner option than having to mess around with multiple mount points and all that stuff (including what i've mentioned above).