Auto DJ

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Hi All

Just a quick query regarding Auto DJ. We have three separate streams covering three bit-rates. How would we set up auto dj so the streams all play the same playlist? We use shout cast V1, would ice cast or shout cast V2 be any better?

Is it even possible?

Regards Gary
HI Gary,

The best answer is: Use SHOUTcast v2 as this have mutliple mountpoints (IceCast have them as well) so you can set different bitrates for same stream (they will be available under the same port!)

If you really wan't to use SC 1 you can try to set sc_trans to capture stream from main server (set playlist with url in it) and re-encode it to desired bitrate but this will be having different port for each bitrate and it needs some more advanced SHOUTcast / server knowledge.


On set up I see you need to purchase a licence for MP3 broadcast, the link is dead, is that still required?

Cheers Gary
Anyone? Where are these available or are they not?

Icecast a better option? Can the same be done.