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I can't be the only one wanting to see CentovaCast join 2014 or at least 2013 am I? Video streaming is becoming larger and larger and would be a HUGE PLUS to add support for it into CentovaCast for us all to use.

icecast can handle video, so centova really need to do little for this i think, maybe develop a light and efficient video broadcast tool + a customizable player.
Centova Cast is a control panel for ShoutCast and IceCast streaming servers.  While ShoutCast and IceCast do both support video, they do so in very limited capacities.  Centova Cast will not stop you from using their video capabilities, however you'll need to provide your own live video source (i.e., it won't tie into Centova Cast's autoDJ).

While IceCast is indeed video-capable, it only streams in Ogg/Theora format.  Theora itself is a technical marvel, but the problem is that no common media players support it out-of-the-box.  Thus, the only way for a listener (or viewer, rather) to tune into your video streams would be to install something like VLC, or plugins for RealPlayer, or a custom DirectShow filter.  Realistically, that's just not practical for the vast majority of the non-tech-savvy public, and it would be a support nightmare (both for us and for our clientbase).

ShoutCast DNAS also supports video streaming, but only in NSV format, and again, NSV is only supported by WinAmp.  WinAmp definitely has a broader clientbase than VLC, but it's the same situation -- regrettably, the vast majority of the public has only Windows Media Player installed, and occasionally RealPlayer, and usually little else.

We do have plans for adding Windows Media Service and possibly Wowza support. We'll be publishing more information about this on our web site when and if we decide to move forward with it.
NSV is a dead format and though some still try to use it, that boat sailed a long time ago. VLC and Winamp and a few other players support(ed) it, but it was too niche and AOL dropped development of the format in 2004/5 in favour of WMV (and then later changed onto other formats) so it's been dead for a decade (and the death of SHOUTcast TV last year proved that).

for the Ogg/Theora aspect in Icecast, Winamp can also play those streams (as well as VLC, etc) but it's also niche and really h.264 and other video formats are more the norm when it comes to video playback formats.

plus both the Icecast and SHOUTcast implementations of video support are crude at best and is part of the reason why they never took off (as those platforms are just fundamentally better suited to audio only streams). so i'd vote no on the matter as there are better video streaming systems available than trying to coerce an audio-targeted system to do video as well.
Centova cast is just for audio streaming I feel if you want this option.. encourage them to make a new program not add it onto centova
I think it would be nice to have one location where all streaming features were managed from. My question is this. Can Wowza run along side Centova?

Or managed from with (Someday)