Icecast KH

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With LoudCity closed down internet radio stations are only left with one affordable option and that's StreamLicensing. However they do not support IcecastV2, they only support Icecast KH.

Now I've seen requests on this forum for KH support dating back to 2012. There is no reason why CentovaCast dosn't have a drop down just like they do for the two versions of SHOUTcast but for the Icecast by now. With this loudcity switch over I'm guessing A LOT of people will be looking for a fix here. Simply replacing the entire icecast server and never having any update set within the program is just a lazy option for Centova. I know V3 took a few years past release date to get on the ball. Should we all expect this same type of experience to continue? For host who rely on CentovaCast you're truly letting us down and keeping us looking outdated.

The following link is the info from StreamLicensing say they wont support SHOUTcast V2 because it's still in "beta testing" but they only support Icecast KH and not V2. Something seem weird here?
that knowledge base article is somewhat mis-leading as the main page of their site and also the first question of their FAQ indicates they support "Shoutcast Versions 1 & 2 and Icecast-KH"
That still doesn't change the fact that they don't support standard Icecast so the average Icecast user switching to them for licensing will either need to switch to SHOUTcast or use a KH stream. Seeing as how Centova does not support the KH option yet that will lead into issues for people.Yes we can update our icecast manually to the new KH as I did, however as it's not supported any changes down the road by either the KH or Centova can potentially cause issues.

In this economy it's not about keeping up with the Joneses anymore, its about keeping competitive. Having outdated products isn't a way to survive when clients are demanding more and more and paying less and less.
i'm not disagreeing with you on those points (and i wish it would be seen by the SHOUTcast hosts who still keep forcing people to use ancient v1.x DNAS), i only posted as StreamLicensing's site is giving conflicting information and it seemed relevant for those reading this to not get the wrong idea.

personally i don't know what difference using the KH vs non-KH builds make (other than i despise setting up Icecast servers) when it comes to StreamLicensing and their handling of Icecast - though if the two are dramatically different then StreamLicensing are the ones who should support either option seeing as the KH builds aren't official to my knowledge (unless things have changed with what is deemed the correct Icecast server to be using).
Hmm, I don't quite understand. I'm using Icecast KH with CentovaCast. That is the one I installed because of the streaminglicensing requirements. The station seems to work fine from a normal URL. I have not yet checked it with streaminglicensing. However there is not a real difference in the 2.x and KH. KH is the 2.x version it just has a few extra things that provides more info. I got mine from
Many of our clients are successfully using IceCast-kh with Centova Cast.  What specifically do you need supported?

The only reports of incompatibilities were from a (comparatively very small) set of users who experienced some odd behavior a very long time ago and reported it on the IceCast forums.  Karl responded and indicated that Centova Cast was doing various weird things such as trying to parse output from IceCast's stdout and things of that nature, and indicated that that was the reason for the problem.

The problem is that Centova Cast does not, nor has it ever read IceCast's stdout, nor did any of Karl's other hypotheses match up with Centova Cast's actual usage of IceCast.  I got in touch and mentioned this, but received no reply.  This incorrect information still remains on the IceCast forums (and, I believe, in a FAQ or sticky post I saw there awhile back, although admittedly I haven't been back in awhile.)

Further complicating matters, I myself have been unable to reproduce any problems whatsoever when testing IceCast-kh with Centova Cast, nor have hundreds of our clients who are using it in production.

So in a nutshell... if anyone is experiencing compatibility problems between Centova Cast and IceCast-kh and can provide root access to an affected server, please open a ticket with our helpdesk and we'll get on it.  Failing that, I have no reason to believe that IceCast-kh will work any differently with Centova Cast than IceCast-trunk.
for information my centovacast also runing smooth with Icecast KH Since V2 version :)
We have Icecast KH installing and it works perfectly fine. There's only one issue - sometimes after Centovacast is updated, the ICECAST_BIN setting in cc_control.conf is being reset to the "original" Icecast (which is shipped with Centova). - stream hosting - radio automation software
Centova Cast doesn't ship with IceCast. You may have installed the IceCast package though, and if so you need to remove the IceCast update file from /usr/local/centovacast/etc/update.d if you want Centova Cast to stop maintaining it.
Yes, I've meant the Icecast package which Centova installer updates. Thanks for the suggestion about update.d. - stream hosting - radio automation software