Resize covers individually for each account

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As of right now, covers are imported at 60x60 for all accounts.

Of course, you can modify the size individually in each account, by editing the CSS, but unless you also change the import size, the covers will become blurry when enlarged.

And if you modify the (global) size at which covers are imported, this will in turn apply this modification to all the places where the covers show (Widgets/Start Page/etc.) for all the users (even if they want it or not)
This situation should not even be an issue. The individual account should be able to enlarge the art within the code with no problem whatsoever, the problem is that it is being degraded to oblivion as a default. Everybody knows that the sort of master have to be a decent size and the default 60x60 is not. Everybody knows that. Other competitors have no problem with album art and Centovacast shouldn't either.