Why would Shoutcast Stop running?

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I have been having this problem for a long time now.
Every 12 hours and around 5 minutes a group of shoutcast Servers stop running and then after a few minutes, restart. all of the logs are blank like they are starting for the first time so they hold no data to collect.

I have been to the Server provider and stopped auto backup hopping that was it but alas its not.
I am willing to hear any help anyone might be able to give me.

The Version 1 servers report a singel line in error

 <02/13/14@08:26:56> [main] SIGHUP; Flushing Log Files

nothing else.
Even streams that are not being used but are just on are being restarted so i know that the cause is not the Metadata.
Had the same issue with Shoutcast 2.2.1. Rolled back to 2.0 and restarts doesn't happen anymore.
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Did you have to do each one at a time or did you have a way to do a bulk rollback?
Just change the sc_serv file to an older version and after streams restart they'll be rolled back. It's that easy :)
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if it's an issue with v2.2.1, unless it's notified to a SHOUTcast dev with a lot more details than what i'm seeing mentioned in here, there's little which can be done to fix said issue. as v2.0 is not a supported DNAS build and is not advised to be used (especially since it doesn't handle Directory issues very well unlike v2.2.1 i.e. if the YP acts up as is happening due to the recent transition it'll allow listeners to keep connecting which v2.0 will not and will in fact block listeners completely).

so like any issue, the more details which are able to be provided (and also actually informing people related to the product as there's been no recent posts on the official forums in relation to such an issue) in order to triage it and do what can be done to get a resolution to the issue (hence why i'm having to trawl other forums to find issues being reported...).
It looks like some issues are related with movin YP servers.

Two of my servers are running very slow in terms of accessing API straight away or through Centova.
Centova was running slow as hell for that account until I have changed option "Usey YP" to no and restarted server.
It doesn't happen often but after some time. Let's say in few a hours after restart.

It never happened before until announce that YP servers are moved.