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Has anyone had the issue when uploading files using the CC uploader that it ends up showing the files as 0kbps, some of them play, but then some others dont play.
CrossFire-Hosting LLC.
I've had it happen once. The DJ uploaded it and showed that, and I also uploaded it and it showed the same thing. The MP3 plays fine on other players, but the server didn't seem to recognise it. Not sure what the problem was with it
does this only happen when uploading using the File Manager?

this was basically believed to be just a display issue, caused by a bug in the software we use to retrieve the info from the audio files (such as bitrate, length)

I could find one such file in one of my test station, but it's not casing any problems other than showing 0kbps in the Media Library
We use TagLib as our MP3 ID3 tag parser.  It's a robust and well-tested library; as noted under "Projects Using TagLib" it's also used by a number of high-profile projects like the Amazon Kindle, last.fm, VLC, and others.

Unfortunately this problem appears to be a bug in TagLib, so it's not something we have direct control over.  We have seen it manifest with a few rare MP3s and seems to have something to do with how those MP3s were encoded.  Re-encoding the MP3 fixes it, so I'm guessing it's the result of a glitch in a particular encoder.

Aside from the obvious cosmetic problem it poses, it has no other impact in Centova Cast so it shouldn't be a cause for concern.  We regularly update TagLib as they release new versions so as soon as they fix the issue, it will also be resolved in Centova Cast.