After upload, centova clean the original file name

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I see in my clients that they send name files or create folders with spaces, symbols, accents and a lot of caracteres that I believe can cause some anormal operations in auto dj source. Or am I wrong? Why centova not work in that names and clean or remove caracters that are not considered much normal? This could be activated as a optional resource. This could help to see if some repeated source restarts are not relationed with some file name issue. Or source auto dj systems and centovacast system are not affected by that?
+1 for this.

 I've recently had people upload shows with dates in - "DJ Name - Show name 11.1.14.mp3" and the auto dj just refuses to play them until I've renamed the file by taking all the periods out
Unusual filenames shouldn't cause a problem for Centova Cast itself, but bear in mind that commenting about "the autoDJ" really tells us nothing because that could mean sctrans, sctrans2, ices, ices2, ices-cc, etc.

If a particular autoDJ is having a problem with a particular filename, please open a ticket and provide both the autoDJ type and the filename to us and we'll investigate.
The problem is that until now I am not sure about what file cause that. Recently I must manage two clients to other panel due constant server restarts. All using sc_transv2 and shoutcast v2. But if I find what could be cause the issue I send to support.