Server Manager Accounts

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I don't know if this is a Feature yet and if so, where is it. But I have a Few people that work as Managers for me, and I REALLY would Love to be able to give them a Manager Account so they can login and manage the Accounts that are in use or that are in need of Tech Support. There are a few things they should NOT be able to do, Like change Admin settings and Server settings. but things like the following would be Great.

Start/Stop/Restart Accounts
Change user Account settings
Account Limits

Basically, anything pertaining to User accounts, just not server settings like the Email SMTP, Server system settings and the Utilities.

Just like the Users can setup DJ Accounts. The Admin should be able to Make Manager Accounts for the server.

Some people might tell me to just Give them the Admin password, but I don't want them to have the power to Bring down the entire system in 1 go.

What do you think? 8)