Automatic Song Request - Block spamming repeated requests

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Hi guys,

I love the auto-song request widget! That's a lifesaver!

But one problem I saw is that a person can request the same song over and over again, essentially holding the station hostage by spamming the same song. This is a HUGE concern if someone figures out how the auto request feature works.

Can the song request widget ignore multiple song requests for a certain amount of time (the exact amount of time to be set by the radio DJ)? For instance, if the song Soulcrusher by Xandria is requested and played, no one else can successfully request that track for two hours. (or whatever delay time the DJ sets)

Thanks guys!
This was a concern of mine and why I haven't used it.

You could set it to manual, but I'm not sure how to play manual requests (or even how to force a specific song to play after the current song).