Live Streaming and AutoDJ

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As a new user of Centova (and Shoutcast servers), I would like to know if there is a way to make a workaround this issue.

This webradio is designed to broadcast 24/24 a stream from the AutoDJ with scheduled tracks and rotation tracks when scheduled as ended.

But this webradio is also designed to broadcast live show on periodic basis.

As long as Shoutcast server is not designed to stop current AutoDJ source when trying to connect an external one (basically because, if I understand correctly, AutoDJ work itself as an external stream), is there a way to do this in any way without we have to stop the server?

I mean :
- Broadcast AutoDJ most of the time,
- Suspend AutoDJ when there is a live show,
- Restore AutoDJ when the show is completed?

Thank you for you assistance in this matter.

Kind regards.
As lon as I can't edit my messge, just wanted to say I noticed I had a way to do so by Centova just using the disconnect source button I did not noticed first.

Kind regards.

François Houlbrèque
This is indeed a minor problem.

Shoutcast does not accept multiple sources. So you need to stop the autodj in the controlpanel first, before you can start your live source.

This is something ICecast does have.

What i was told by centova staff is that there is a workarround coming with SC_TRANS. So i hope this would work.

For now you need to stop manually the autodj or use icecast to connect multiple sources like autodj and your live source together
So if i install icecast, when another DJ connects will it pause the auto DJ and allow that live DJ to play?
And once he disconnects with it put it back on auto DJ?