Google Maps API V2 will not be supported

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Hi, Ive received an email from google saying their maps APIv2 will soon cease to function and we should switch to the v3 API.
Is this something we can fix or is it buried in centova code?
No, it's unfortunately not something you can fix.  I haven't received any such update from Google but if the EOL is more than a year away, we'll have to decide between EOL'ing v2 or updating it to support the v3 API.

FWIW, Centova Cast v3 uses the v3 maps API so it's unaffected by this.
Further update, the Maps v2 API EOL is apparently less than a month away (not sure why I wasn't notified).  We'll be updating v2 to support the Maps v3 API and releasing an update in the next week or so.
Yet another update -- v2.2.8 has been released with Maps v3 API support.
Thanks Steve!