Stream transcoding

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Does anybody know how to setup multple servers with different bitrates and codecs from a single source?
I'd like to stream a single source at 128Kbps mp3 and 32Kbps AAC+,
where the source is encoded at 128Kbps mp3, so I need to transcode it to 32Kbps AAC+.

CentovaCast supports sc_trans, which encodes to aac+, and everything would work fine if I could put the 128Kbps mp3 SHOUTcast url in its playlist, so that it could re-encode it to 32Kbps AAC+ and push it to another SHOUTcast server, but it seems that sc_trans doens't support live source urls in its playlist,
or at least I could not make it works.

The only solution I've found is setting up the following 'pipeline':
SC server -> oddsock transcoder -> sc_trans -> SC server
which would be CPU intensive and out of CentovaCast panel management.

Any help?

I'm new to centova too, and trying to get the same setup as you. Did you ever find a solution ?
There are several Stream Hosts who can do transcoding for you starting at $5 US per month. 

Probably the easiest solution for you.
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Hi Mauro,

I'm actually doing the transcoding myself at the time being with sc_trans, just looking for a better managed solution. Since there is capability in sc_trans and ices, I thought I would be able to do it from Centova UI. Plus centova's licensing is much better than paying $5/month.