WHMCS Centova Cast module - second server group option for full centova installa

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could be possible as part of centova cast module for whmcs to include an option for full installations? for example.
I see right now that region location can be determinate by using the Configurable Options (using deamon), what if also can be included in the module a check box and a 2 drop down menu next to the server group, the check box will be some kind of condition like:

check box - IF this check box is selected second server group will be use based on Configurable option of 1st drop down menu
1st drop down menu - Configurable option for condition
2st drop down menu - select a second server grroup

I think this will be a solution to make full installations switch to a second region. but would be for only 1 second location does not apply for more than 2 locations. (unless the developer find a better way)

In my opinion the Deamon installation  IS A 50/50 50% advantage and 50% disadvantage over full

>>>If the master server is down on a cluster configuration, your stations will keep on running on the slave >>>servers, but you won't have access to them until you restore the master.

Because of this I prefer Full Installations.

Share your thought to see if the developer add this feature to the next build.